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Holy shit

Oh my god. It has been long since I have written in a goddamned journal! I was just fucking around on my old greatestjournal (I somehow knew the password...utterly surprisingly) and read some posts from like 2004-2005...and boy was I a mental case! I was just as bad as all those annoying ass kids these days. Makes me sick to my stomach. I guess I just needed to write some shit down. Hopefully I can start writing in here more often since I am in college now. College....what a silly place. At least Community College is. HAHA! What a fucking loser. AND I'm not even full-time anymore! A disgrace! A pox on you! Okay... I am fucking exhausted but everytime I start to drift off to dream land I suddenly realize something and am pulled immedeatly out. That sucks. Well now that that is outta my system, and that utter urge to write something is expelled from my body I may be able to rest.

Bison Burgers

Long time no see eh? Yeah, well now that I have my own computer I'll make it a point to post more often.  I haven't realized my internet life is like dead. My birthday was sunday and it feels good to be legal. I got my first tattoo of my akita's paw and I love it. Best tattoo idea ever! I have this stupid paper to write before monday, I'm such a procrastinator. I cannot wait to graduate high school, I can't stand it anymore. I don't ever feel like going or even doing anything. ugh high school.  I'm so boring. Ugh. whatev.

Voice Post

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I'm Trolling.

Yeah so I've had a five day weekend from shit ass school and of course the first day off I get sick as a mofo. After sneezing and having a stuffy nose for like three days I now have coughing issues and mucus buildup in my sinus so bad its actually coming out of my eyes when I blow my nose. Gross. yar rly. So I've been stuck in my house basically the whole break and it fucking sucks. I have so much arts to give Laura to scan but alas, her internet is still down ... sucks. Nasal Decongestiant spray and asprin is saving my life right now, and for some odd reason I'm like immune to sleeping medicine. I took some last night and even though I was exhaused as hell I got no fucking sleep. BTW Chapped Lips.... SUCK. I'm done being sick. rarrrr.

peace out cub scout.

P.S. I listened to ICP today :0 oh mannn I'm going chicken' huntin'!


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You suck mah bawls.

I'm waiting for laura to scan my facking pictures. I made ice coffee and laura had like one cup and shes bouncing off the fucking walls like 4 hours later. WTF? lol, anyhow... I kinda hit a nostalgic point with the whole wallet thing. Hopefully it will find its way back to me...and if not? Oh fucking well.

My first fucking voice post

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This is pretty cool. Now I can do voice posts in the bathroom at schooL! :3


Please Murder mee....... I come home right and I go to empty out my pockets, I have most of my essentials, my iPod, Camera, Phone but when I go into my back pocket my wallet is no where to be found. So I searched like a crazy lady through my room, both the jeep and the van, have mark look through his car, and I call Dani to ask her to look for it tomorrow morning at work. I am completely grounded basically because I don't have a license now. NOT ONLY does my wallet hold my license but it also holds my ticket stubs (including the first movie me and mark started dating in) my pictures with laura, the three vertical pictures of me, kari, kiara, and laura, and as well mark's school ID. FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK!!!

Now I feel like a complete retard red-head ditz and I'm having a borderline migraine, I want to go take some sleeping pills so I can try to stop worrying about it but I just took three aspirins. I HAVE NEVER WANTED A CIGARETTE SO BAD. 

But on the (very dark) bright side Mark and I can just go to the DMV, buy a new license for sixteen dollars, forget all my precious things in that wallet, and try to learn from my mistake.

Ironically enough... I just got a wallet chain today....
Okay well I guess I'm just gonna fuck around on DeviantArt than because well I SUCK-.-;; ghawd 

....can't you tell I like these new features?


(lawl...my mood icon really means smelly weasel.)

Sweet Ice>snowcones

 I guess it's just a human need to write stuff. It's pretty cool to come back and read them and kinda laugh at yourself... at least I do. Anyway, I'm going into work. I don't know why I said I would... I do need the money though.

At least I'm closing with Esen. *shrugs* whatever Laura's my only friend on this place really. beanhead. lawl. alright...I better get ready for work so I can get more hours in. 


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